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          Color glazed rectangular ceramic binaural baking bowl oven safe square baking dish Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO

          Colorful glazed rectangular ceramic double ear baking tray, with a smooth surface and colored glaze, enhances aesthetics. Adopting a square design, the dual ear handle is easy to carry and operate. It can withstand high temperatures and evenly distribute heat, ensuring that food is evenly heated during the baking process. It has the characteristics of scratch resistance and durability, making it more durable and reliable. Easy to clean, can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning, saving time and effort. Whether you are a baking enthusiast or need a multifunctional cooking tool, its excellent performance and exquisite appearance make it an indispensable part of the kitchen, bringing convenience and fun to your cooking and baking.

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          Name:Color glazed rectangular ceramic binaural baking bowl oven safe square baking dish
          Material: Ceramic
          Type:Baking dishs & bowls
          Style:Modern style
          Process:High-temperature firing
          Brand: Sanbo ceramics
          Applicable scenarios:Wedding,restaurant, household, hotel,etc.
          Service:OEM ODM   
          Sample lead time:10-15 days
          Production Leadtime: 45-50 days after confirm samples 

          What is the special function of its double ear design for baking food?

          1. Convenient handling: The double ear design can provide additional handles, making it easier to handle and move the baking tray, especially when hot food is still inside the tray, it can be safer to hold both ears for handling.

          2. Uniform heating: Through the double ear design, the balance of the baking tray can be better controlled, and it is more convenient to flip and place, so that food can be heated more evenly. This can ensure that the food is evenly heated during the baking process, resulting in a more delicious finished product.

          3. Heat conduction: Bakers are usually made of materials such as ceramics, which have good heat conduction performance. Through the dual ear design, heat can be effectively transmitted and food can quickly reach the desired baking temperature.

          4. Heat dissipation: The dual ear design can increase the contact area between the baking tray and the external air, promote heat dissipation, and prevent food from being excessively baked or burnt, maintaining the appropriate temperature of the baking tray.

          5. Space utilization: The dual ear design makes it easier for the baking tray to be stacked vertically, saving storage space and facilitating organization and placement.

          6. Multipurpose: The double ear designed baking tray is not only used for baking food, but can also be used for various purposes such as hot meals and serving food. The ears can also be used as decorations or handles in other application scenarios.

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