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          Opal glass dinnerware set white glass curved edge bowl and plate dinner set Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO

          The white opal glass dinnerware?set is made of high-quality glass ceramic material, which has excellent durability and resistance to breakage. Durable and sturdy, with good heat resistance and easy cleaning. The edges of the bowls and plates add a sense of beauty to the dishes being served, and the entire set showcases a simple and modern style that can perfectly blend into various table settings and decorative styles. Non toxic and harmless, it will not release harmful substances, ensuring food safety and hygiene. The appearance is simple and elegant, and the white design is more sophisticated. It is paired with various table decorations to enhance the beauty of dining. Suitable for various foods, such as hot dishes, soups, etc., to meet different dietary needs. Suitable for various occasions, such as family gatherings, dinners, parties, etc.

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          Name:Opal glass dinnerware set white glass curved edge bowl and plate dinner set
          Material: Opal glass 
          Type:dinnerware set
          Size:As shown in the figure or customized
          Capacity: As shown in the figure or customized
          Brand: Sanbo ceramics
          Applicable scenarios:Wedding,restaurant, household, hotel,etc.
          Service: OEM ODM   
          Sample lead time: 10-15 days
          Production Leadtime:45-50 days after confirm samples

          What are the characteristics of glass ceramic dinnerware sets compared to traditional dinnerware?

          1. Lightweight: Compared to traditional porcelain, it is more lightweight, convenient to carry and use.

          2. Durability: Usually more wear-resistant, scratch resistant, and less prone to damage. In contrast, traditional porcelain is prone to wear and tear or breakage during use.

          3. Temperature adaptability: It has good heat resistance and can withstand high temperature food and hot drinks, while traditional porcelain is prone to cracking at extremely high temperatures.

          4. Easy to clean: relatively easy to clean, not easily stained, can be directly cleaned with a dishwasher. Traditional porcelain may require additional maintenance and specialized cleaning tools.

          5. Diversity: Multiple color and texture designs can be used to provide a wider range of appearance options. Traditional porcelain, on the other hand, is usually dominated by monochrome or specific patterns.

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