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          Nordic Phnom Penh tableware, simple design, Phnom Penh with more texture, outlines the modern beauty of fashion, beautiful and practical.High temperature firing, healthy glaze, no fading, suitable for oven and disinfector.Made of pure titanium, elegant art. Unique bowl shape, a variety of sizes to choose from, all the food on the table.

          Oval shallow plate can bring a small amount of soup, food, desserts can match, meet the daily needs.Simple style, the pursuit of practical, comfortable, abandon complex save simple, with a simple form, only for the reason of pure experience, electroplating Phnom Penh, noble and generous, full of a sense of ceremony, light luxury life, is a kind of attitude of respecting the quality of life.

          White Phnom Penh simple ceramic tableware set
          Light luxury Nordic styleWhite gold edge tableware set, metal stroke, simple Nordic, exquisite glaze.Brand new collocation, free choice. Deliver a kind of life experience and enhance the happiness of eating goods.Simple European style tableware, fashionable and characteristic, beautiful and comfortable, can make the food more delicious and attractive. People's appetite is greatly increased and life is like a poem.
          Wholesale Heart-shaped glass candy bowl divided dried fruit dish dessert bowl with stand with good price - SANBO
          A heart-shaped glass sugar bowl with a separated fruit tray and a stand. The dessert bowl is made of transparent glass material, crystal clear, and has a unique flavor. It can be classified and stored for various delicacies, reducing cross flavors and making cleaning convenient. The heart-shaped handle design ensures smooth grip. It can be stably placed on the countertop and is not easy to tilt. The thickened gold edged iron frame is sturdy, durable, and good-looking, with a hint of luxury charm, enhancing the style of the home. You can separate different types of dried fruits, candies, or desserts to avoid mixing flavors and highlight the unique characteristics of the food. Suitable for daily family dining, coffee shops, dessert shops, and other occasions, adding a sense of beauty and romantic atmosphere to food.
          Wholesale Luxury gold square shape dinnerware set porcelain dinner plate with good price - SANBO
          Luxury?gold?square shape dinnerware set porcelain?dinner plate,made of high-quality porcelain, the porcelain material is durable, not easily worn or broken, and can be used for a long time. The combination of square design and golden appearance presents a modern and elegant style. Carefully crafted with smooth edges and embellished with golden decorative lines, the electroplating process showcases high-end and luxurious quality. Electroplated baking tray with double ear design, comfortable grip, preventing hot hands. Multiple types of utensils are available to meet the needs of daily dining tables. The dazzling golden edge exudes a light and luxurious style, adding warmth to the utensils, and the overall simplicity and fashion make you love it. This tableware set not only features exquisite design and high-quality materials, but is also suitable for various occasions. Choose it to give your dining table a unique glow and bring you and your guests a pleasant and unforgettable dining experience.
          Western food plate household creative hand-painted breakfast plate
          there are small black spots on the glazed surface, small pinholes, or small scratches, the bottom grout This is normal. No flaws, no quality problems, to avoid disputes, you can buy samples to check the quality1. Non-toxic, odorless, acid corrosion, bump-resistant, wear-resistant.2. Heat resistance:-20°c to +120°c
          Best Quality Household underglaze color flower ceramic dinnerware set plate bowls spoons Factory
          The underglaze?colored flower ceramic bowl plate dinnerware set is made of high-quality ceramic material, with exquisite underglaze colored flower patterns and a unique style, adding an artistic touch to your dining table. Durable and sturdy, ensuring long-lasting wear and tear resistance. Taking floral elements as design inspiration, it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also suitable for hosting various delicacies. Classic border strokes, elegant patterns, and elegant shapes. The elevated design at the bottom provides anti slip function. Includes plates, bowls, and spoons to meet various daily dining needs of your family. Not only practical, but also a decoration for family dining tables, showcasing your pursuit and love for quality of life.
          Handmade bohemian style ceramic bowls Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
          Handmade Bohemian ceramic bowls, designed with hand-painted art, have bright colors and complex patterns, making every meal a festive occasion. High temperature underglaze color, multiple styles available, anti scalding and easy to end, beautiful and practical. The Bohemian design of this bowl not only adds color and fashion to your food, table, and kitchen, but also brings appetite and excitement to your family and guests. These stackable bowls won't take up too much space in your cabinet. Microwaveable, freezeable, and dishwasher washable. Easily clean with soap and hot water, or place them in the dishwasher. The versatility of these bowls makes them ideal tableware choices for various foods, including soups, salads, fruits, desserts, and snacks. Whether at home or on special occasions, these handmade Bohemian style ceramic bowls will add a unique style and beauty to your dining table.
          Best Hot selling ceramic embossed dinner plate mug and bowl set with flower shape dinnerware Supplier
          ? ? ? ? ?Ceramic embossed bowl and plate dinnerware?set, three-dimensional relief plum blossom, petal texture converges at the center of the bowl and plate, blooming stamens, as if a faint fragrance is floating, it is also a work of art on the dining table. High temperature healthy porcelain, with a thick and delicate texture, resistant to high temperatures without fading. The layered beauty brought by the kiln transformation process outlines the texture of the plum blossom edges and the embryo bottom. Vertical stripes, clear texture, double the sense of dimensionality. Striped lace, rounded edges, practical and durable. Oven, microwave, dishwasher can be used, and you can define the temperature for three meals. A variety of utensils can be used to hold different delicacies, meeting the needs of the entire family's dining table and pairing.
          Nordic ceramic?restaurant dinnerware set gold edged matte gray blue for dinner Products | SANBO
          Ceramic?restaurant?dinnerware set gold edged matte gray blue for dinner,made of high-quality ceramics, sturdy and durable, suitable for long-term use. Exquisite craftsmanship, delicate and smooth, with superior quality. Smooth and easy to clean, wear-resistant and stain resistant, convenient for daily maintenance. Nordic style design, embellished with golden edges, adding a noble temperament, with a matte gray blue color, showcasing elegance and modernity. Each tableware is carefully crafted, with an elegant texture that showcases high quality. Multiple types of equipment can meet personal needs. Whether in family gatherings or high-end restaurant settings, this cutlery set can create a refined and modern dining experience for you.
          Baobaolong Underglaze Color Dishware Set Cute Cartoon Lovely Plate
          Smart cartoon design with fresh hand-painted, smooth glaze, delicate texture, easy to clean, good appearance and strength, dedicated to everyone who loves life.Hand painted underglaze color, bright and full color, lovely and fresh, add color to food, turn every ordinary day into a poem.The beauty of food utensils, beauty utensils with instant food more appetite.Using hand-painted and underglaze color technology, lead-free chromium and other heavy metals, not easy to fade, share environmental protection.
          Heat-resistant square glass bowl fresh-keeping box with bamboo wood cover Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
          ? ? ? ?Glass bowls have heat resistance and are suitable for heating food, making them less prone to breakage. The lid is made of natural bamboo and wood material, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. The fresh-keeping box is designed as a square shape, suitable for storing various types of food, such as fruits, vegetables, staple foods, etc. It can be used for refrigerator storage or microwave heating. The bamboo and wood cover is exquisitely designed, giving people a natural and fresh feeling, adding decoration to the kitchen or dining table. The lid is tightly integrated with the glass bowl, with good sealing performance, which can effectively maintain the freshness and taste of food. Choose glass bowl preservation boxes of different capacity sizes according to your needs to meet the food storage needs of different households.
          Pink porcelain matte dinnerware set with gold rim for breakfast ceramic dishes plates sets Products | SANBO
          ? ? ?The pink matte gold edged ceramic tableware set, with electroplating technology and golden border, exudes a touch of luxury and luxury, adding a touch of warmth to the food. Matte frosted surface with outstanding texture. Thick and durable, as new as new after long-term use, without leaving scratches, easy to clean. Colored glaze technology, safe to use. Bright in color, glossy, versatile in color, and has a good hand feel. The bottom is unglazed, which effectively prevents slipping. Sleek and elegant lines, light luxury and elegance, showcasing seasonal delicacies. Multiple types of equipment are available to meet different preferences and needs. Suitable for daily family dining, festive gatherings, and special occasions, showcasing the host's taste in life and dedication to the home.
          Phnom Penh Feather Plate Ceramic Snack Dessert Leaf Plate
          European style Phnom Penh feather plate ceramic jewelry leaf storage plate creative plate, electroplating process, simple but not simple, electroplating process full color does not fall off, smooth line texture, subtle also do not make do with, give you a better feeling. It can be used as a multi-purpose dish or jewelry dish with moderate size, which can enhance the mood of life. High value life needs a sense of ceremony, the overall shape is carefully designed, and it is a scenic line where it is placed.Just tableware, but also works of art, exquisite porcelain, so that three meals a day are artistic enjoyment, every detail is carefully considered. The design of leaf gold edge, thick gold plating line and colored glaze are elegant and retro. It has rich functions, one object is multi-purpose, can be used as decoration storage, beautiful and practical.

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