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          Chaozhou sanbo Ceramic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Chaozhou ceramic production base in Guangdong Province. It is a daily-use porcelain manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It mainly produces high temperature white porcelain, medium temperature color glaze porcelain and all kinds of glass products. It also occupies a huge market in the inventory field. In addition to the products sold to neighboring countries, but also exported to Europe, Africa, America and many other countries. Since the establishment of our factory, we have been adhering to the development concept of "quality first" and taking "honesty first" as our business policy, so we have been highly praised by our overseas customers.

          White Phnom Penh simple ceramic tableware set
          Light luxury Nordic styleWhite gold edge tableware set, metal stroke, simple Nordic, exquisite glaze.Brand new collocation, free choice. Deliver a kind of life experience and enhance the happiness of eating goods.Simple European style tableware, fashionable and characteristic, beautiful and comfortable, can make the food more delicious and attractive. People's appetite is greatly increased and life is like a poem.
          Elegant Turkish style glass tea cup cawa cup with metal holder Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
          Turkish?style glass tea cawa cup with metal bracket, high-quality glass material to ensure safety, non-toxic, easy to clean and durable. The exquisite relief design on each glass cup adds a delicate and gorgeous touch. Paired with a gold-plated metal bracket, it is easy to carry and provides stable support, not only perfectly showcasing the style of the tea cup, but also showcasing a unique style. It is worth mentioning that the cleverly designed heart-shaped handle at the center of the bracket allows you to elegantly hold the cup in one hand, ensuring stable balance and preventing any accidental spills or drops. This tea cup adds more elegance and comfort to your tea brewing time, allowing you to enjoy a moment of tranquility in a busy life.
          Best Quality Hot selling creative clear glass cawa cup coffee cup teacup?with iron rack Factory
          The glass tea cup comes with an iron frame and is made of highly transparent material, which is clear and visible at a glance. Metal gold-plated bracket, exquisite and upscale. Creative heart-shaped metal handle, more light and luxurious charm, beautiful and effortless, placed in an orderly and space saving manner. The combination of crystal clear glass and iron materials brings a sense of luxury and a unique visual experience. The iron base is stable and not easy to collapse. The design is strong and elegant, suitable for placing in the living room, coffee table, exhibition hall, dining table and other free combinations, making the space no longer monotonous. Whether it's coffee or tea. This cup is equipped with an elegant iron frame, adding a touch of delicacy to your drinking collection.
          Wholesale Heart-shaped glass candy bowl divided dried fruit dish dessert bowl with stand with good price - SANBO
          A heart-shaped glass sugar bowl with a separated fruit tray and a stand. The dessert bowl is made of transparent glass material, crystal clear, and has a unique flavor. It can be classified and stored for various delicacies, reducing cross flavors and making cleaning convenient. The heart-shaped handle design ensures smooth grip. It can be stably placed on the countertop and is not easy to tilt. The thickened gold edged iron frame is sturdy, durable, and good-looking, with a hint of luxury charm, enhancing the style of the home. You can separate different types of dried fruits, candies, or desserts to avoid mixing flavors and highlight the unique characteristics of the food. Suitable for daily family dining, coffee shops, dessert shops, and other occasions, adding a sense of beauty and romantic atmosphere to food.
          Best Quality Glass salad bowl with lid and double eared handle Factory
          Glass salad bowl with lid and double eared handle,made of glass material, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, transparency, and easy cleaning. The design with dual ear handles makes it easier to pick up and move the glass bowl, and the lid can effectively keep it fresh with a certain degree of sealing to prevent food spoilage. It can ensure that your snacks, desserts, or ice cream remain delicious and enjoyable for a long time. There are three types of relief designs that can be chosen according to personal needs. Has certain durability, good heat resistance, and is not easily deformed or cracked. Easy to clean, can be hand washed or dishwashed, resistant to high temperatures. By using this glass bowl, not only can you enjoy the delicious food, but you can also see the color and texture of the food through the transparent glass material, adding fun to dining.
          Flower shape glass cup and saucer set tea glass coffee cup with metal stand Products | SANBO
          Flower shape glass cup and saucer set tea glass coffee cup with metal stand,the crystal clear glass material has a solid and compact surface, free from heavy metal harmful substances, and is healthy and durable. The shape of flowers is beautiful and unique, attracting people. The mouth of the cup is delicate and smooth, providing a comfortable drinking experience. The metal iron frame provides stable support and placement space, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly practical. It can enhance the beauty of the home and also bring a comfortable dining experience. Whether for personal use or as a gift, this patterned glass coffee cup and plate set is a great choice, allowing you to feel a sense of beauty and comfort in your meticulous life.
          Home ceramics porch wedding gift TV cabinet vase table decoration vase living room decoration
          Ceramic vase table decoration, warm household decoration, enhance household happiness. Elephants represent good luck. They can bring good luck to the world and indicate peace, beauty and happiness. Holding a bottle like an elephant for "peace and auspiciousness" can give you a sense of peace and happiness. Elephants represent auspiciousness, thoughtfulness, diligence, intelligence and spirituality. They are beautiful and generous at home. Giving gifts is a kind of good blessing. Round mouth, easy to insert bouquet. The golden edge shows the luxury atmosphere. Anti slip design at the bottom to prevent displacement and fracture. The overall appearance is beautiful, pure and elegant, simple but not meticulous. Ceramic firing, delicate feel, fashion sense and artistic sense coexist, and even coloring.
          Wholesale Elegant 12pcs glass cawa cups with metal holder with good price - SANBO
          12pcs glass cawa cups with metal holder, made of high-quality glass, it is ?clear and transparent, perfectly showcasing the color and layering of the tea cup. The metal frame is exquisitely designed, sturdy and stable. It can not only neatly place 12 cups, but also effectively save space, adding a modern feel to your kitchen or living room. The appearance is smooth and transparent, giving people a comfortable texture. Not only suitable for enjoying coffee, tea or other beverages, it brings you a warm and pleasant dining experience. Not only suitable for daily use, but also an excellent gift choice, bringing you and your family and friends a comfortable time.
          Wholesale Glass seasoning bottle household kitchen four-piece set with good price - SANBO
          The glass seasoning pot set is convenient for storage. Say goodbye to messy and humanized design, so that the commonly used seasoning ingredients in cooking can be summarized and placed, which is a good helper for convenient storage. Convenient storage design frees up desktop space. Use less space to store more cans, keep the table clean and tidy, and make it easier to manage. The integrated design of spoon cover is beautiful and convenient to use. Beautiful visible glass seasoning can, you can see the seasoning. The screw cover is tightly fitted, and it is not easy to leak when dumping. Decorate the iron frame with hollow patterns to store the seasoning cans. Luxurious and high-end glass seasoning pot set, made of warm porcelain, is smooth and skin-friendly, with gold ornaments, creating a luxurious and elegant kitchen environment.
          Wholesale Ceramic seasoning spice jars set with glass oil and vinegar sauce bottles set with rack Products | SANBO
          Nordic glass seasoning jar seasoning bottle combination set, outlined with golden edges and beautiful lines. Introverted dark green, generous and steady. Leadless glass, crystal clear and transparent, clear and hygienic, safe and safe to use with confidence. Classified storage to prevent odor, moisture and mold. Light luxury iron frame with handles on both sides for easy carrying. Stable and durable, it can effectively maintain the stability of the bottle and is not easy to tilt or fall. The lid groove design makes it easy to use for placing spoons. Hand controlled oil plug, curved oil plug design, spiral pattern at the sealing point, good sealing performance. Glass material is easy to clean, reusable, environmentally friendly and healthy. It is an essential decoration and functional item in the kitchen, adding convenience and fun to your cooking life.
          Wholesale Luxury gold square shape dinnerware set porcelain dinner plate with good price - SANBO
          Luxury?gold?square shape dinnerware set porcelain?dinner plate,made of high-quality porcelain, the porcelain material is durable, not easily worn or broken, and can be used for a long time. The combination of square design and golden appearance presents a modern and elegant style. Carefully crafted with smooth edges and embellished with golden decorative lines, the electroplating process showcases high-end and luxurious quality. Electroplated baking tray with double ear design, comfortable grip, preventing hot hands. Multiple types of utensils are available to meet the needs of daily dining tables. The dazzling golden edge exudes a light and luxurious style, adding warmth to the utensils, and the overall simplicity and fashion make you love it. This tableware set not only features exquisite design and high-quality materials, but is also suitable for various occasions. Choose it to give your dining table a unique glow and bring you and your guests a pleasant and unforgettable dining experience.
          Factory wholesale crystal glass candy jar with lid and glass cawa tea cups Supplier & manufacturers | SANBO
          Crystal glass candy jar with lid and glass cawa tea cups,transparent in appearance and elegant in design, the lid can effectively preserve small foods inside the food, such as candy, chocolate, etc., keeping your candy fresh for a long time. Exquisite and transparent glass tea cups, clear and transparent, simple and elegant, with various relief textures, displaying the color and taste of the drink. Glass material is easy to clean and maintain, not only practical, but also decorative, which can add a sense of luxury and nobility to your home. Whether for daily use or as a gift for family and friends, it will demonstrate your pursuit and taste for quality of life.

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